Thursday, December 29, 2016

Maddox, Jake. Soccer Step-up. (Jake Maddox JV Girls)

Maddox, Jake.  Soccer Step-up. (Jake Maddox JV Girls)  Capstone Publishers  2017  96p  $18.99    ISBN 978-1-4965-3675-4    ms/jr   Sports  VG-BN     

The middle-school girls soccer program is canceled due to budget cuts. The older girls on the team get a chance to try out for the high-school JV team.  Lack of self-confidence, concern about fitting into a high-school program, and a mean girls attitude on the part of the high-school students make for a hard transition. By using their leadership skills and reaching the realization that they are better working together than individually showboating, the team comes together for a win. A hi/lo book for middle-school readers, this will appeal to all middle-school girl soccer players.         

The series Jake Maddox JV Girls contains four titles about girls sports at the middle-school and JV levels. The hi/lo format, fast action and positive message about teamwork will resonate with middle-school girls.  Strongly recommended for middle-school collections, as books on girls sports are not as prevalent as are fiction books about boys sports.

Summary: When middle-school girls soccer is canceled due to budget constraints, the girls get a chance to try out for the  high-school JV team.  For the three that make the team, it is a difficult transition, but teamwork wins the day. Grades 5-8.        

Soccer-Fiction, Teamwork-Fiction                 --Lois McNicol

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