Thursday, December 29, 2016

Simonson, Louise. The Death of Baldur.

Simonson, Louise.  The Death of Baldur.  Capstone Publishers  2017  56p  $20.49      ISBN 978-1-4965-3488-0  elem/ms  Series: Norse Myths   Graphic novels  E-BNes

Students who enjoy the Marvel movies starring Thor and Loki will enjoy this graphic novel series. In this volume, readers find out how Loki kills his brother Baldur, an event that triggers a giant battle called Ragnarok, or Twilight of the Gods, and leads to the demise of Aesir. A glossary explains new terminology (fate, evade, invulnerable, pyre, and several Norse terms). The illustrations are full of action, but not too much violence to make this series inappropriate for upper-elementary students. The text is easy to understand and explains the events clearly for readers who may not have any prior knowledge of the original myths. Highly recommended for upper elementary and middle school collections.
Summary: In this graphic novel Baldur, beloved son of Odin, is killed by his adopted brother, Loki, triggering the giant battle that results in the end of the Aesir. 

Norse mythology-Graphic novels, Adventure-Fiction                      --Stephanie Pennucci 

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