Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weiner, Jennifer. The Littlest Bigfoot.

Weiner, Jennifer.  The Littlest Bigfoot.  Simon & Schuster/Aladdin  2016    304p    $16.99 ISBN 978-1-4814-7074-2      elem/ms  Fantasy  E-BN           

Twelve year-old Alice is on her way to the next private school.  For years it has been a different one each year.  Alice is very large for her age and the frequent brunt of teasing and bullying.  Her new school is in upstate New York on a lake.  Alice avoids her bunkmates and loves to run and sit by the shore of the lake.
On the other side of the lake Millie looks across and wishes to know more about the no-furs who are there.  She is daughter of the leader of her Sasquatch tribe who call themselves Yare.  She is very small for her age and very curious about the rest of the world.  One night Millie tries to swim across the lake and gets in trouble.  Alice rescues her.  Their friendship is cemented.  When Alice overhears plans to attack the Yare camp, she works out a plan to protect them by putting herself in danger. 

A theme running through the story but hitting strongest at the conclusion is the acceptance of all, no matter what their difference.  An excellent story for grades 3-7.

Summary: When a girl who is very large for her age meets a Sasquatch who is very small for her age, what might happen?  This title looks at that question and provides a good moral lesson on accepting differences.  Grades 3-7.     

Fantasy-Fiction                                                                                                          —Joan Theal

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