Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hymas, Allison K. Under Locker and Key.

Hymas, Allison K.  Under Locker and Key.  Simon & Schuster/Aladdin      2017  256p  $7.99  ISBN 978-14814-6342-3   ms/jr    Fantasy  VG-BN

Jeremy does not steal - he is a retrieval specialist.  If a wallet is stolen at his middle school, he can retrieve it and return it to the rightful owner before the day is over.  Classmate Becca is on a personal mission to catch him stealing.  When Jeremy hands over the master key to every locker based on false claims, it will take all his skill to return the key to the janitor.  He also will need help.  Due to the possible consequences he will not involve his friends.  His only choice is to team up with Becca.
The book uses great humor and action, which should entice every middle-school boy to read this book. Jeremy breaks many school rules but somehow manages to float above every situation. This reviewer’s only concern is how literally some readers may take the premise as something they too, could do.      

Recommended for enticing boys in middle school to read.  They will love this.

Summary: Jeremy is not a thief but a retrieval specialist - he recovers items that are lost or taken by someone else.  When he relies on false information to recover the school master locker key, it takes all his skill to make things right.  Middle school     

School stories, Thievery-Fiction                                  —Joan Theal

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