Monday, November 27, 2017

Aguiar, Nadia. The Great Wave of Tamarind.

Aguiar, Nadia. The Great Wave of Tamarind. Macmillan/Feiwel & Friends  2017   372p  $16.99  Hardback  ISBN 978-0-312-38031-1  ms  Fantasy  E-BN                  
This is the third title in the Tamarind trilogy, and it also stands alone very well.  Granny Pearl sends Penny out on her own in search of Tamarind.  Previously, she was with her brother and sister as a baby and again at age five.  Now at twelve she must persevere alone.  Adrift in a rowboat with only her parrot for company, she finds herself suddenly in Tamarind, but in an area where she has never been before.  Things are not the same.  Portals to scary and mysterious places keep opening, a beast is wreaking havoc, and all anyone talks about is the Great Wave that is coming.  With new friends, Penny sets out to perform the three quests that will allow her to become the Bloom Catcher.  She hopes the magic will cure her grandmother.  Penny has to survive ocean depths and the perils of the jungle and outwit the cunning creature who wreaks havoc. 
The settings and adventures are highly imaginative and very exciting. The author has created a magical world that is at once delightful and frightening.  Penny shows spunk, imagination, and great determination through her adventures.  The novel is a delight to read and will be enjoyed by middle-school readers.     It would be an excellent purchase for middle-school libraries -- an imaginative, action-packed fantasy.

Summary: Penny returns to Tamarind without her brother and sister.  She is on a quest to be the Bloom Catcher and help her grandmother.  This novel is an amazing imaginative creation.  Sequel to The Lost Island of Tamarind and Secrets of Tamarind.  Grades 5-8.

Quest-Fiction                                               --Joan Theal     

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