Monday, November 27, 2017

Bertman, Jennifer Chandliss. The Unbreakable Code (The Book Scavenger)

Bertman, Jennifer Chandliss.  The Unbreakable Code (The Book Scavenger) Macmillan/Henry Holt    2017  353p  $16.99  Hardback  ISBN 978-1-62779-116-8  ms/jr  Fantasy  VG-BN  

In this sequel to The Book Scavenger, Emily, James, and Emily's brother are at loose ends after getting an award for finding the hidden Mark Twain manuscript. Many Book Scavengers (including their teacher, Mr. Quisling) were at their awards party. Mr. Quisling, however, was acting very mysterious. Readers will be on the edge of their seats as Emily, her brother, and James try to figure out if he is looking for the same Tom Sawyer as they are. They take up the quest to find out what he was hiding. It seems everyone as well as Mr. Griswold is hunting lost mysterious puzzles.
Our young sleuths have been challenged. They must tail, confer, and solve many cyphers before they can figure out the mysterious puzzle.  It is a well-written book that would make an excellent addition to any middle-school library.

Summary: This a sequel to Book Scavenger. Emily, James, and Emily's brother are off again on a new mysterious quest to find the lost puzzle.

Mark Twain novels-Fiction                                   --Linda McNeil   

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