Monday, November 27, 2017

Hughes, Alison. Kings of the Court.

Hughes, Alison. Kings of the Court. Orca  2017  192p  $9.95  Paperback  ISBN 978-1-4598-1219-2    ms/jr  Sports  VG-BN 

When a belligerent basketball coach is fired, the team wonders if their season has ended. A drama teacher, fond of Shakespearean quotes, combines fencing skills with motivational speeches based on Shakespeare to motivate the only seven players left. With humor and perseverance, the boys excel and even in a loss feel as though they are victors. Each person finds his inner strengths, including the team scorekeeper and mascot who goes on to become the lead in Henry V, the unexpected play that caps a roller coaster ride of a sports season. With a multi-ethnic and multi-racial cast, this book shows readers that self-confidence and hard work can make the impossible possible.  It is strongly recommended for young teens because of the themes of acceptance, self-confidence and overcoming obstacles.

Summary: A brutal basketball coach is fired, to be replaced by a drama teacher who loves Shakespearean quotes. The team eventually rallies around the new coach and excels even without their star scorers. Humor, perseverance and drama abound. Grades 5-8.

Basketball-Fiction, Drama-Fiction                           --Virginia McGarvey

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