Monday, November 27, 2017

Wilde, Jen. Queens of Geek.

Wilde, Jen. Queens of Geek. Macmillan/Swoon Reads     2017  262p  $10.99  Paperback  ISBN 978-1-250-11139-5   hs  Realistic fiction  VG-BN   

Three characters, all Australian teenagers, fly to LA to attend a Comi-Con type of convention.  Charlie, of Chinese ancestry, has starred in a movie.  She was in love with the male star, but they have separated and she has moved on. This is her event.  She has to do many publicity events with the ex.  He thinks they will get together again, but she has met a girl she has had a crush on for years, and they mesh completely.
Taylor, who has identified that she is on the autism spectrum, is usually afraid of just about everything.  Taking this trip was a very big step for her.  Jamie has been a steadying influence on her.  He seems to understand her.  She loves him but is afraid he sees her as just a friend.  Jamie has loved Taylor from a distance.  This weekend they each learn the truth about their feelings.
This novel presents the message that you need to be who you are and not be controlled by peer pressure or public opinion.  It deals with bisexuality, autism, and love.  There is lots of kissing and some fondling but no actual sex scenes.  The novel includes mature content, so it is most suitable for high-school readers.      Wrapped in a contemporary novel that refers to texting and social media uses, the story touches on issues of bisexuality, autism, peer pressure and being honest with yourself.  For high school.

Summary: Charlie, a Chinese-Australian actress, Taylor, who is autistic and a writer, and Jamie, a geek photographic artist, all fly to LA to attend a Comi-Con type convention.  There they each find their own reality and love.

Autism-Fiction, Love-Fiction                                      --Joan Theal

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