Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chamberlain, Joris, & Aurelie Neyret. Cici’s Journal.

Chamberlain, Joris, & Aurelie Neyret. Cici’s Journal. Macmillan/First Second  2017  149p.    $17.99  ISBN 978-1-62672-248-4            ms/jr  Graphic Novel        VG-BN         

Cici wants to become a writer. In this graphic novel, Cici describes the steps she goes through to attain this goal with the help of a famous writer who lives in the same town.          

This is a very good graphic novel for middle-school readers. The colors are bright and simply blended in dramatic drawings. The drawings themselves are simple yet effectively portray the content of the story. The format of the book and the visual layout within the pages add variety and insight into Cici’s adventure.                                   

Writing                                                                          --Linda McNeil, Martha Squaresky

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