Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ace Your Oral or Multimedia Presentation.

Bullard, Lisa. Ace Your Oral or Multimedia Presentation.
Enslow, 2009, 48p, 23.93, 9780766033917, elem
Ace It! Information Literacy series

A guidebook that will help you when you have to make an oral or multimedia presentation. The guidebook on oral and multimedia presentation will take you step by step into the world of presentations. The first step is to choose your topic, then you need to do research on your topic. That really is the most important part of your oral presentation. After that just follow the steps of the books and it will guide you through the whole process while you have fun with your topic. There are charts, graphics, pictures, notes, examples, key words, outlines, words of advise about plagiarism= stealing work from other writers, source for visual aids, suggestions, checklist, self review, and a review form for your peers to evaluate you. If you follow the guidebook, you are sure to have the best presentation of the class.
Includes: Glossary, bibliography, chapter notes, web sites, and index. M. Diaz

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