Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two Girls From Gettysburg.

Klein, Lisa. Two Girls From Gettysburg.
Bloomsbury see St. Martins, 2008, 393p, 16.99, 978-1-59990-105-3 ms/hs

When the Civil War breaks out they find themselves on opposite sides of the war. Lizzie was committed to the Union cause and saving her family’s struggling business. Rosanna return to the South to marry her daring Confederate officer. It is a heart moving story of two young girls growing up in a time of national tragedy and family struggles.
Lizzie and Rosanna are both cousins, and best friends. The two girls have forged a friendship when one cousin is sent to live with her sister in Pennsylvania. Their teenage years were typical for the time and place. However, things changed drastically when the War between the States broke out causing families to be split and hardships to be endured by everyone.
When the war breaks out Lizzie finds herself and her family committed to the ideals of the North. Rosanna on the other hand finds herself moving back to the South and falling in love with a dashing Confederate officer.
In following the struggles and encounters these two girls have to endure, the reader can better understand the physical hardships and emotional struggles families had to endure as the war progressed through the farmlands of our nation. Readers will feel the emotions of the two girls as they fight to maintain a life for themselves and the ones around them. It was a harsh time. But, the author was also able to show that it was a time where love could counterbalance tragedy. L. McNeil

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This book sounds very interesting. I read a historical fiction book The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg which describes a boys adventures during the Civil War.