Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harris, Lewis. A Taste for Red.

Harris, Lewis. A Taste for Red.
Clarion see Houghton Mifflin 2009 169p 16.00 978-0-547-14462-7 elm/ms

What happens if your sixth grade science teacher is your mortal enemy? Svetlana Grimm thinks she is a vampire. She is greatly disturbed when her science teacher begins reading her mind and invading her thoughts. Could she also be a vampire???? Svetlana has been home schooled until her mother takes a job as she is entering sixth grade. Life for Svetlana is going to change drastically when she enters Sunny Hill Middle School. First of all she doesn’t fit in with the other kids and she does strange things such as eat only red food items. The activities in the school we also strange with kids disappearing and Mrs Larch the science teacher causing problems.
The author has written a fantastically funny story that will appeal to middle schooler everywhere. Who wouldn’t want to imagine that their science teacher is a vampire. The feelings and emotions the characters undergo in this novel accurately reflect some of the insecurities that middle schoolers confront daily.
It is a good read that will be very popular with teenagers today as it parallels the current vampire reading rage. LM

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