Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rinaldi, Ann. My Vicksburg.

Rinaldi, Ann. My Vicksburg.
Harcourt Brace 2009 152p 16.00 978-0-15-206624-6 ms/jr

This is the story of a young Confederate girl who lived in Vicksburg during the battle. It shows the readers about the hardships incurred as well as the unusual aspects of warfare at that time. Claire Louise Corbet was a young girl who was considered to be headstrong. She also has an unusual family situation because her father is a Confederate doctor and her brother(Landon) is a Union doctor. The family had to move out of their home during the bombings and live in a cave on the outskirts of town. However, when the bombing stopped for the luncheon and evenings meals, they could return home for any item they had forgotten. This went on for 47 days until the town surrendered.
However, Claire came to realize that all was not black and white when he brother hides a Confederate deserter(Robert-who lost a post to Robert E. Lee) in their cave until he can get well. Claire takes things into her own hand when she realizes that he brother is honor bound to turn Robert in for treason. She provides Robert with her horse so that he can escape to the West.
The author has done a good job of providing an insight into what the life and trials of people who lived through such situations encountered. LM

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