Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Van Meter, Larry A. Women Win the Vote

Van Meter, Larry A. Women Win the Vote.
Enslow 2009 128p 31.93 978-0-7660-2940-8 ms/hs
America's Living History#9 (Enslow)

Overview of the history of the women's suffrage movement in the United States. Includes background and biographical material, as well as a time line of the suffrage movement up to and including the Nineteenth Amendment. Fact and photo-filled overview of the Women’s Suffrage movement in the United States. Each major personality in the movement is profiled, and background information is useful and factually accurate. Cover is appealing to younger readers, and content is accessible. Difficulty terminology is explained, although no glossary is provided. A time line of the movement, chapter notes, bibliography and index complete the volume. Photos and illustrations are mostly in color, and are strategically located within the text. Colorful text boxes highlight useful background material and/or biographical profiles. A useful resource for research at the middle grades through early high school. PN

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