Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vickers, Tanya M. Teen Science Fair Sourcebook

Vickers, Tanya M. Teen Science Fair Sourcebook
Enslow 2009 160p 34.60 978-0-7660-2711-4 ms/hs
Great Science Fair Ideas (Enslow)

This is almost a handbook for teachers and for students who are serious about science projects, covering lots of how-to’s as well as highlighting some brilliant student work from all over the world. The book begins with some inspiring stories of student scientific achievement. In some cases the stories left the reader wanting more information about an individual project, but then the focus came back to ways in which the reader can make his/her work really stand out as well.
From explanations of the scientific method to keeping a good notebook to marketing one’s project, this was a very thorough examination of the subject.

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