Friday, April 9, 2010

Stone Voice Rising

Tocci, C. Lee. Stone Voice Rising .
Harcourt Brace 2009 407p 17.00 978-0-15-206292-7 ms/hs
Lilibit knows she can hear stones whisper. She and six unwanted children travel toward Kiva to fulfill their destiny to the Stone. Constantly attacked by Evil and helped by unexpected allies, they journey on. Lilibit who can hear stones whisper is to be taken to Kiva to fulfill her destiny. The journey is redirected by Syxx, the embodiment of Evil. She amazingly survives all medically and surgically invasive attempts to find the source of her powers. Six other unwanted children from a foster home join forces with Lilibit to resume her journey to Kiva. Along the way they are helped by surprising allies and constantly pursued and attacked by the forces under the control of Syxx. The characters of Lilibit, Todd and Syxx are the most fully developed. The other children and characters they meet as they journey are sufficiently fleshed out to both aid understanding and enjoyment of the story. There is action in the escapes from the clutches of Syxx and his minions, and touching moments as the children come to depend on each other. It sounds like a sequel is likely to continue the story as the children learn and grow into their powers and abilities.
Theal, Joan

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