Friday, April 9, 2010

Superman: What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow

Moore, Alan & Curt Swan. Superman: What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow
DC Comics 2009 128p 24.99 978-1-401223472 secondary
This hard-bound deluxe edition contains the collection of Alan Moore’s tales of the legendary Man of Steel. Alan Moore has presented Superman, a widely known and powerful being who has made it his life’s work to protect our planet. His endeavors are a never ending battle for justice against the forces of evil that are prevalent in our world. Readers have enjoyed his trials for years. They has also been curious about what happened to him. This deluxe hardcover edition attempts to answer the unanswered. It is also the first time that the works have been collected in a single volume. Moore is joined by illustrators and collaborators Dave Gibbons (WATCHMEN), Curt Swan (ACTION COMICS), George Perez, Kurt Schaffenberger, Murphy Anderson, Al Williamson, and Rick Veitch (SWAMP THING)! In addition to being very popular for Superman readers and collectors, this book will be appreciated by the readers of the new graphic novel genre. The pages are beautifully designed and the layout flows easily for the readers to follow the storyline. The dramatic use of color exemplifies the drama surrounding the superhero’s environment.
McNeil, Linda

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devrox said...

I would like to see this book. Many middle school boys are interested in graphic novels and superheroes. Even though they are graphic novels they can still be used to discuss the same issues you would from other genres. This might be a good choice for struggling readers.

Terry Lieberman