Sunday, January 9, 2011

Batman & Robin (The Deluxe Edition)

Morrison, Grant, Frank Quitely and Philip Tan Batman & Robin (The Deluxe Edition)
DC Comics see Random 2010 168p 24.99
978-1-4012-2566-7 hs/adult Graphic novel VG
Batman and Robin are reborn. The story opens with the new Batman, who was originally Robin and the new Robin, Batman’s son. Together they begin to form a duo to fight evil. However, Robin, now Batman still feels uncomfortable in his new role and his counterpart small Robin is still a spoiled smart alec. Together Batman and Robin must learn how to get along and depend on each other for survival. They will have to learn to like each other, respect and discuss their strategy as one or their own survival will be at stake and the end of their partnership will have failed before they even get it off the ground.
In this chapter the duo experience doubts as to their partnership and because of this it almost cost them both their life. The enemy is powerful and clever. It also knows that this duo is just getting acclimated and they use this to their advantage.
The story is a bit gruesome and scary. This is not book for kids. Some of the scene are nightmarish and it does take little time before you feel comfortable with the new characters. The evil characters are definitely evil and blood scenes are all over.

Not for young kids.
Includes: author and illustrator information and a few choice illustrations.
Diaz, Magna

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