Sunday, January 9, 2011

Johns, Geoff and Ethan Van Sciver. Flash Rebirth

Johns, Geoff and Ethan Van Sciver. Flash Rebirth
DC Comics see Random 2010 unp 19.99
978-1-4012-2568-1 ms/hs Graphic novel E-BN
Beautifully illustrated graphic novel about the Flash’s rebirth. After having gone missing for so many years Flash returns but with his return there seems to be something wrong. All the Flash heroes are experiencing unnatural accelerations that in fact kills a few of them. How to stop this phenomena? When Flash returns his friends are glad to see him but they find unchanged and no older than the day he left even though it was years since they last saw him. The reason he had left still holds him prisoner but at his return many of the heroes in the league including the children who have the Flash skill are dying or are in mortal danger. the only one who can stop this is the original flash but he can not do it alone. He will need the help of all the heroes with the flash skill to gather together and join hands in eliminating the threat to their league and their loved ones.
The color of the graphic novel is very bright and although there is a lot going on in the picture it is still easy to follow the action. Kids will love this book and will wait impatiently for the next episode.
Includes: extra information on the writers and illustrators and includes sketches. Diaz(1), Magna
DC Comics - Graphic Novels - Flash - superheroes

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