Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bodeen, S.A. The Gardener

Bodeen, S.A. The Gardener
Feiwel&Friends/Macmillan Child Pub Gr 2010 280p 16.99
978-0-312-37016-9 ms/hs Science fiction E-BN
Mason uncovers a bizarre experiment called the Greenhouse. In which he tries to help a beautiful girl who doesn’t need food and water to live. Mason, a sophomore, lives with his mother as they struggle to survive. His father is no longer in their life. His mother works in a nursing home attached to TroDyn Scientific facility to provide food and shelter. She is unhappy with her job but continues to work. Mason visits her at work one day only to discover a beautiful comatose girl (Eve) who wakes up when Mason plays his father’s last recording to him as a child.

Mason kidnaps the girl because he wants to help her. His friend, Jack, has a family home in the mountains. They are pursued almost immediately by some very unsavory characters that mean business. Readers will sit on the edges of their seats as pursuers break into the home, ski mobiles go sliding off the mountainside, and Jack breaks his arm.

The ending of the fast paced intrigue finish up at the TroDyn Scientific facility.
Mason is refused help by Dr Kelly Emerson, a former researcher at the facility. However, he enters the facility to find some answers.
Answers are sometimes a hard to swallow. In this suspenseful nerve wrenching ending, Mason has to come face to face with some very surprising events and people.
Readers will see that there are some rays of sunlight even in the worst situations.

I would so love to reveal the ending. Let me just say that readers will find the story suspenseful, surprising, and uplifting at the end.
Readers should think about the definition of a greenhouse. What could the scientific company be growing and why?
This is a well written book that is recommended as a Books of Note. It would be an excellent addition to any secondary school library. McNeil, Linda

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