Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boisrobert, Anouk & Louis Rigaud. Popville

Boisrobert, Anouk & Louis Rigaud Popville
Roaring Brook Press see Macmillan children's pub 2009 unp 16.99
978-1-59643-593-3 elem VG
A lovely pop-up displaying the growth of a city from open acres to busy center. In the beginning, there was the farm set in acres of open land. As more people came to live nearby, the farm became surrounded by a growing group of houses, roadways, businesses, schools, railroads, bridges, and the necessary supports for all of these things. Imagine all of this displayed in a slim pop-up book that presents the growing layers of stylized community building in a beautifully done and wordless variation of the theme of Virginia Lee Burton’s Little House. This is a lovely book to add to a personal collection. Ogintz, Susan

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