Saturday, January 8, 2011

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. What if?

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro. What if?
Roaring Brook Press see macmillan children's pub 2010 unp 15.99
978-1-59643-398-4 elem VG
What if we bounced the ball back and forth? What if we lost the ball? What if I went to look for the ball? The beginning of a story starting with What ...if? for the creative mind.
This picture book is created using vibrant colors and three seals. They are all on the beach near the ocean playing with a very colorful beach ball. The only words in this book is the “ What... If?” question. The book was create to get children thinking about the action in the book. Each picture depicts an action that might or might not have a reaction but it is up to the child to create their own story.
This book can be used in a creative writing class for any age. The reader can write up their story by observing the action in the book and each story may be so different from each other.
This can also become a story to describe the colors used, to describe the look on the faces of the seals and their feelings that seem to come through the picture.
A fun book for all ages. Diaz, Magna

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