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Burlingame, Jeff John Lennon

Burlingame, Jeff John Lennon
Enslow 2010 160p 34.60
978-0-7660-3675-8 jr/sr E-BN
American Rebels (Enslow)
The biography of John Lennon legendary Rock Musician from England that helped change the world of music. This biography on John Lennon is very well written and provides a view of a rock musician who as a young boy with a complex life enjoyed and found his calling in music. Born in England to very young parents, John Lennon was given over to an aunt and uncle who raised him. In this complicated life John Lennon grew to manhood and gravitated to music. Interestingly enough, both his parents had musical ability but it was his mother who taught him how to play the guitar. He convinced two of his friends to get together and set up a rock band. The history behind how the Beatles came to be is interesting.

The American rock and roll music was a great influence in his musical life and so they played many of the famous American songs. John Lennon and his group were in fact still in their teens when they began to gain fame but it wasn’t until they came to America that they really became superstars and the rest is history.
This biography chronicles his life as it spiraled into stardom until his death.
Includes: Pictures, Chronology, Discography, Glossary, Chapter Notes, Further Reading and Index.
Diaz(1), Magna
Lennon, John - Biography - Rock Musician - England

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