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Willet, Edward Johnny Cash: The Man in Black

Willet, Edward Johnny Cash: The Man in Black
Enslow 2010 160p 31.93
978-0-7660-3386-3 jr/sr E-BN
American Rebels (Enslow)
The biography of country musician Johnny Cash. His music career spanned almost 50 years. A man who had much success but fought many demons and was able to overcome most of them through the determination and the love of a good woman. Born in 1932 the middle child of a large farmer’s family, Johnny Cash’s family struggled to survive living on a farm. At an early age church and music played a very important part in his life. The death of one of his older brothers when he was only 12 brought turmoil into life and created a break in his relationship with his father that would never fully heal.
During his air force tour he discovered he had a knack for writing music but he did not break into the field of music until after he came back to his home town. He started his group with friends who were like him, auto mechanics, and they were very good playing guitars and singing.
This biography presents a very real look at Johnny Cash’s life with all of it’s complexity. Much of his career life was spent under the influence of drugs and fighting the dependancy on drugs. His marriage to June Carter may have been the best thing that happened to him. He was able to clean up his act and redirect his life with Christian music as well as popular music. At his death he left a legacy of music. A man many new and few could forget.

Includes: Plenty of pictures, index, Internet Addresses, bibliography, Chapter notes, Glossary, Chronology, and Fact boxes. Diaz, Magna

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