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Gow, Mary The Great Philosopher: Plato and His Pursuit of Knowledge

Gow, Mary The Great Philosopher: Plato and His Pursuit of Knowledge
Enslow 2010 128p 31.93
978-0-7660-3119-7 jr/sr E-BN
Great Minds of Ancient Science and Math(Enslow)
The history of Plato the great philosopher and his theories. A man from ancient times who was a man before his time. His writings covered many topics from science, philosophy, math, religion and etiquette. Author of the “Republic” a resources that is still read and examined and as timely as ever in the world of philosophy. Plato was born around 428 B.C. Son of a wealthy and politically connected family. He was well educated and a follower of Socrates. His writings on philosophy, science math and other topics are still studied today. He may be better remembered for his short piece on the lost continent Atlantis. It is mainly due to this piece that today the legend of Atlantis still exist. He never saw the island, he only reported what some else told him about the island. He is most famous for his scholarship on different topics. He was a well read man who asked many questions and exposed many issues that are still explored today.
Plato opened to the door to modern science and the science of the thought process of questioning everything “and seeking rational answers”.
A book worth reading and introducing to students.
Includes: a chapter on his legacy, activities for students to do, chronology, chapter notes, glossary, further reading, internet addresses and index. It has pictures, drawings and an excerpt of the piece on Atlantis Diaz, Magna
Plato - Philosophy - life and times

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