Sunday, January 9, 2011

Davis, Heather The Clearing

Davis, Heather The Clearing
Graphia see Houghton Mifflin 2010 215p 8.99
978-0-547-2636-7-0 ms/hs Fantasy VG
Trying to escape her former life, neglectful parents and an abusive boyfriend, Amy moves for Seattle to the North Cascades. Through the mist she meets Henry, forever stuck in 1944.
This bittersweet romance has elements of Twilight, The Secret Garden and a little of Shiver all rolled together to create an eerie feeling. Amy comes to live with her great aunt Mae in a trailer near a rural community in the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. She is “escaping” neglectful parents (mother and stepfather) and an abusive relationship. In a mist, she meets Henry, who is so much unlike her former boyfriend that she is drawn to him…only to find out that a prayer has kept him stuck in the same summer in 1944 for over 60 years. The fantasy element is well realized and the magic is believable. While readers will root for Amy and Henry to transcend time and be together, they will be pleased with the twist at the end that brings the story full circle. There are sexual references, and readers will know what has transpired, but nothing is ever overt or graphic. All in all, a sweet supernatural romance that should appeal to high school and upper middle school girls. Recommended for high school and upper middle school readers, this quietly beautiful and bittersweet romance will appeal female readers. Naismith, Pat
Supernatural Romance

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