Sunday, January 9, 2011

Salter, Sydney. Swoon At Your Own Risk

Salter, Sydney. Swoon At Your Own Risk
Graphia see Houghton Mifflin 2010 357p 8.99
978-0-15-206649-9 ms/hs Realistic Fiction VG
Polly sees the humor in situations including her sexy grandmother, her lack of a permanent boyfriend, and her interactions with peers. Polly’s summer goal is to forget about boys, but with her job at a water park that is hardly possible. Grades 6-10.
Polly is a boy magnet having had several boyfriends but never long-standing relationships. She has sworn off love for the summer and hopes to spend time with her best friend Jane. She is trying to figure out if, as the AP student that she is, she prefers to hang with the academic crowd, be the party girl, join the sociable yearbook committee or whether the nerdy science crowd is more her style. Due to declining family income, she is forced to take a summer job at a water park and monitor bratty little kids while interfacing with an ex-boyfriend team leader and a sniping girl blogger. Polly is a fresh voice that sees the humor in almost any circumstance even while agonizing about relationships. Her advice columnist grandmother, who is anything but a demure senior citizen, comes to live at her house and dispenses sound advice about boys and girlfriends. Girls will devour this frothy confection and wish for more books about Polly as she settles into what seems to be the best relationship with a longtime friend who actually puts Polly first in the romantic relationship. As Polly comes to understand her family’s dynamics including her divorced father’s new life, readers will sympathize with Polly’s journey through adolescence. Safe enough for 6th graders yet mature enough to be read by 16-year-olds. Fun reading any time of year. Grades 6-10.

Recommended for the depiction of a strong female character that has doubts about how to get a boyfriend who is not self-centered and will respect her. A spunky girl who is optimistic about the future and sees the humor in any situation. Grades 6-10. McNicol(3),Lois
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