Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jinks, Catherine Living Hell

Jinks, Catherine Living Hell
Harcourt Brace/Houghton Mifflin 2010 256p 17.00
978-0-15-206193-7 ms/hs Science fiction VG-BN
Cheney has lived all his life aboard the Plexus, in search of an inhabitable planet. But, his predictable and regimented life comes to an abrupt halt when the ship passes through a radiation belt and becomes a living organism, bent on destroying all aboard. What starts out as garden variety steam punk shortly becomes a headlong dash for survival, the ultimate gross out and proof, that once again, Jinks (The Reformed Vampire Support Group) has mastered yet another quirky genre, given the reader memorable characters, and a riveting story. Horror meets science fiction, with enough gore and action to attract even the most reluctant reader. A small dose of young lust, but mostly action, horror, suspense and more action. The description of the ship’s interior, once it becomes alive and tries to eradicate the viruses (ie. all the humans aboard), is enough to temp every young male reader, but female readers as well will be drawn to the tense narrative. Jinks does not disappoint.
Highly recommended for upper middle school and high school readers. Offer this one to reluctant male readers - they will not be disappointed. Naismith, Pat
Science Fiction meets Horror

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