Sunday, January 9, 2011

Plum-Ucci, Carol Fire Will Fall

Plum-Ucci, Carol Fire Will Fall
Harcourt Brace/Houghton Mifflin 2010 485p 18.00
978-0-15-216562-8 ms/hs Realistic Fiction VG-BN
Four teenagers are moved to an old mansion in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey so that they can recover from a terrorist attempt to poison the entire town of Trinity Falls. Events are fast paced, full of conflicts, and seat grabbing for the reader.
The author has written a fast paced novel involving four youths (Owen, Scott, Cora, and Rain) who survive the terrorist strike. Because they were some of the most severely affected, the FBI relocates them into an old mansion owned by the historical society.
The teenagers have many medical, emotional, and personal conflicts to deal with during their isolation.

The story line is multifaceted and fast pace. The attempts of the FBI to locate and neutralize the terrorists that have infiltrated the U.S. is enhanced by two hackers. These teenage hackers are Shahzad (worked with his father in the Middle East for US intelligence) and Tyler (turned turned his mother in for spying and turning state secrets over to the Koreans) combine their skills to track down the terrorist (using code names Vaporstrike and Shadow strike) by visiting chat rooms and other sites on the internet.
The terrorist are planning another strike on an American locale. It is two of the teenagers who help the FBI zero in on the new site and bring the situation to a satisfactory end.
Some readers with be able to identify with the teenagers. Others will enjoy the fast paced thriller situated in a nearby locale.

This book would also be a valuable resource for a science teacher who needs fiction books to supplement their curricula in regards to bioterrorism. This is a very well written book that will relate well to many young readers. It is recommended as a basic book for any upper middle/high school library. It would make an excellent selection for a basic books list for school libraries. McNeil, Linda

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