Saturday, January 8, 2011

Klosterman, Lorrie. Drug - Resistant Superbugs

Klosterman, Lorrie Drug - Resistant Superbugs
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2010 63 32.79
9780761439813 elm/ms E-BN
Health Alert (MC)#7,9
A comprehensive look at how bacteria has mutated into Drug- resistant superbugs. The changes in bacteria have caused drug-resistance in microorganisms, immune systems and antibodies.
This book provides and discusses the historical background on how bacteria has evolved into a superbug. It gives practical advice on what to look for when infection sets in on a cut or scrape. It offers possible ways to treat the infection. The reader will also learn about the immune system, red and white blood cells and their function in our bodies and how deceases carry infections and harmful bacteria and travel through our bodies.
The information is relevant and informative. There`are special sections that focus on special topics accompanied by beautiful color pictures. Discusses human illnesses and medical conditions, good habits with food intake, a sampling list of some superbugs and their relationship to main health problems. Offer good advice on clean habits that the reader can take to avoid infections and information on vaccines.

High interest low level books for kids.
Includes: Glossary, Find out more: Books and websites, index, Colorful pictures, special full page sections highlighting important issues with harmful bacteria. Diaz, Magna

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