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Parker, Katie. Splitting the Atom

Parker, Katie Splitting the Atom
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2010 48p 31.36
978-0-7614-4399-5 ms E-BN
Big Ideas in Science(MC)
Everything in life is made of particles to small to view with the naked eye and they are called Atoms. In this book the reader will learn how Atoms, matter, particles and mass are interrelated and form the picture of life. Since the beginning of time Philosophers and scientist have wondered how life began and have tried to identify the substance of life. In ancient times Greek Philosopher Thales and later Democritus were already questioning and trying to identify elements related to life and they called it Atoms - “a thing that cannot be divided.”
Through the years and time the Atom is not only identified and studied but it is taken one step further and as we will see in the book it was divided. Scientist took the study of the Atom step by step and from the impossible they made incredible things possible.
This history of the process is simplified for young readers and demonstrated through diagrams, pictures, featured biographies, chemistry charts, fact boxes, historical facts, scientific theories and colorful images.
There is also speculation theories of what the future may hold in the areas of nuclear fusion, hydrogen and atomic energy as well as space exploration.
Includes: Glossary, index, Find out more: Books and Websites. Diaz, Magna

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