Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nicholson, William Rich and Mad

Nicholson, William Rich and Mad
Egmont 2010 367p 17.99
978-1-60684-120-4 hs Realistic Fiction VG-BN
Maddy is figuring out what love is. Her friend Grace meets an abusive boy and Cath is still without a boyfriend. Maddy’s search for a boyfriend is a tender, love story told from both boy and girl perspectives including a explicit first intimate encounter. Grades 8+

Maddy and best friends Grace and Cath are all beginning to experiment with love. Grace dates an abusive boyfriend. Maddy is conflicted between Rich and Joe with Rich winning out in the end. Cath is still looking for a boyfriend. The changing dynamics between the long-time girl friends as they become boy crazy offers a glimpse at what true friendship involves. Maddy begins her relationship with Rich just as a friend, but as time goes by they become romantically involved. There is plenty of frank, explicit yet realistic language related to a tender first sexual intimacy between Maddy and Rich that may shock some, but is not meant to be anything than honest. The tenderness, almost shyness, their concern for each other as well as their fears about being seen as loveable are qualities rarely found in teen love stories. This novel explores varying types of love: young first love, concern and love of family members. Even parents are shown as struggling to define relationships. If librarians are looking to provide students with a frank, honest, yet tender novel of first sexual encounters, this is a good choice. There are some instances of what may be considered inappropriate language but it is appropriate to the characters and their situation. For grades 8 and up.
Recommended for the frank and honest depiction of a tender, exploratory first sexual encounter between a boy and girl in high school. A love story that will make girls wish for a similar first sexual experience with a caring partner such as Rich. Grades 8+ McNicol(3),Lois
Love Story - Fiction

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