Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rodriguez, Beatrice The Chicken Thief

Rodriguez, Beatrice The Chicken Thief
Enchanted Lion Books 2010 unp 14.95
978-1-59270-092-9 elem Animal stories E-BNe
The sly fox has taken the chicken and the chase is on. Bear, Rabbit and Rooster give chase to save the chicken in this entertaining book without words. One beautiful morning as the animals are all waking up, Fox has his eye on chicken. While everyone is busy Fox grabs chicken and makes off with her. At the first yelp from chicken her friends give chase to catch Fox but he always seems to be one step ahead of everyone.
As you cheer the heroes on to catch the fox, you also note that the relationship between the Fox and the Chicken is changing. Then come the questions: Did the Fox steal the chicken? Why is the chicken playing chess with the Fox? Aren’t they enemies?
The ending is a real surprise and will have the kids guessing as to what happened. A visually beautiful and funny story made for small hands. The colors are bright and interesting.

The panoramic open style book is an invitation for kids to share the book with friends.
The animals are likable and funny and the story will verbally develop as the kids follow the book to the surprise conclusion. Diaz, Magna
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