Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aristophane (translated by Matt Madden). The Zabime Sisters

Aristophane (translated by Matt Madden The Zabime Sisters
First Second (macmillan) 2010 85p 16.99 978-1-59643-638-1
ms/hs Graphic Novel - sisters - French Caribbean islands - Afro Caribbean E-BN

The Zabine sisters live in a lush French Caribbean island and today is the first day of their summer vacation. They do everything together but today all three decide to go on their individual adventure. Of course trouble follows each and everyone of them and now they are worried about how they are going to get out of trouble.
The Zabine sisters always do things together and on their first day of vacation they begin by going to the riverbank to play near the water. The sisters are so unique yet whether they are together or not they can get into so much trouble. Today M╒Rose announces that there is going to be fight and she plans to be there and cheer for the winner. Ella is the dreamer of the group and she scared easily. Sometimes her imagination runs wild. Celine is daring and impatient. She expected things to be done the way she thinks they should be done, whatever that is.
This graphic novel is delightful and full of excitement. The girls are funny and will make you laugh at their antics. Although the graphic novel is in black and white I found that the author captures the feel the tropics. You can almost see the lushness and feel the warm heat emanating from the earth. Graphic novel Diaz, Magna

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