Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Engdahl, Sylvia. War.

Engdahl, Sylvia. War.
Greenhaven Press see Gale/Cengage 2010 221p 39.70 978-0-7377-4949-6 hs Supreme Court cases dealing with war VG-BNS Issues on Trial (Gale/Cengage)

Twenty essays, including majority and dissenting opinions, providing information on four Supreme Court cases related to war and varying perspectives on the rulings.
From the Japanese American Relocation to the post-September 11th terrorists, this volume examines the Supreme Court cases dealing with aspects of war (relocation, spying, conscientious objectors and terrorist detainees). Each case is prefaced with an introduction, providing background information, majority and dissenting opinions from the Supreme Court Justices, and essays providing varying perspectives on the case or the principles discussed.

As with most ╥opposing viewpoints╙ types of books, this provides ample information for debate. All of the supporting essays and opinions are primary source material. A list of organizations to contact, bibliography and an extensive index complete the volume.

While this is an interesting topic, the cases selected have a more far-reaching scope than just the topic of war. Schools adding this book to their collections will want to modify the tracings to include the names of the cases to better utilize the contents. A change in call number from military to legal may also be useful. Naismith, Pat

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