Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bozzo, Linda Guide Dogs Heroes

Bozzo, Linda Guide Dogs Heroes
Enslow 2010 48p 23.93
978-0-7660-31982 elem Guide dogs E-BNes Amazing Working Dogs w/Amer.Humane(Enslow)

Beginning with the true story of Panzy, a guide dog, the text then explains the history of guide dogs and the training methods used to transform an ordinary dog into a canine hero.
This is the story of dogs trained to guide blind persons. Personalizing the topic, the reader first meets Izzy and his dog Panzy. He explains how he got Panzy and the difference she has made in his life. The text then moves to the history of guide dogs and the establishment of The Seeing Eye. Which breeds make good guide dogs is explained and their training from puppy raisers through training with their eventual owners. The text explains how a guide dog goes everywhere the owner goes and what happens when a dog retires. The conclusion is that guide dogs are heroes because they give freedom to blind men and women.
There is a simple glossary, list of resources and index, adequate for level of the intended audience. Excellent photography enhances the text.
Very highly recommended for elementary school libraries. Theal, Joan

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