Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feinstein, Stephen Solving air Pollution Problem

Feinstein, Stephen Solving air Pollution Problem
Enslow 2010 112p 31.93
978-0-7660-3347-4 VG-BNS Green Issues in Focus (Enslow)

This title presents the challenges and possible solutions for the environmental problem of air pollution. Well organized and informative with elucidating photographs and sidebars, this book includes a list of organizations to contact, chapter notes, glossary, bibliography of books and Internet addresses, and an index.
It is well organized and informative, with chapters that explore particulars about the Earth’s atmosphere, the history of air pollution, the link to global warming, the effects of indoor air quality, the connection to automobile emissions, the affect on public health, and potential ways to resolve the problem. The author develops the topic in a comprehensible manner for middle and high school readers. Color photographs elucidate the text and are placed appropriately on the pages. Sidebars provide additional facts and are not disruptive to the flow of the text. The format includes a list of organizations to contact (by phone or snail mail only,there are no web sites offered here) for further information, chapter notes, a glossary, a list of books for further information, a list of Internet addresses to explore additional sources, and an index. Readers are encouraged to think critically about air pollution and the ways they can resolve this problem that has global and personal consequences. This book would be a very good selection for middle school libraries and high school libraries looking for high interest material. It will be a very good and usefull source for student research and projects. The title is recommended Tristate Books of Note 2011 series. Weinraub, Tina

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