Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chamerlain, Adrian. Rock Star

Chamberlain, Adrian Rock Star
Orca 114p 9.95
978-1-55469-235-4 hs Rock Music - Fiction VG-BN Orca Soundings

Duncan becomes a member of a heavy metal band and leaves his old friends behind. After playing a gig at a disastrous house party, Duncan comes to realize his old friends and a music mentor may offer him a better chance at being happy. Grades 8+ Duncan plays bass guitar and hangs with a set of slightly geeky guys he has known for years. He wants to be part of a band and eagerly answers an advertisement promising gigs with an up and coming heavy metal band. He practices with the band and quits seeing his old friends, thinking them too immature. He avoids his friends and refuses to acknowledge them in public. As his conflicted feelings grow concerning his treatment of his old friends, he is also dealing with budding love and first dates. Duncan’s widowed dad is seeing a new lady friend who shares Duncan’s interest in music. She introduces Duncan to her brother, a former organ player with a rock band. Duncan is enthralled with his new mentor and learns to play organ. The house party is the turning point in the book, with Duncan inviting his old friend and his new girlfriend to attend and see his band in action. As the house party gets more and more raucous, his friends become totally disgusted with Duncan’s drunken behavior and leave the party. The next morning Duncan wakes up behind a couch and has to call his Dad’s lady friend to get a ride home. As Duncan evaluates his life, he realizes his old friends offer a better view of life than his rocker friends. For grades 8 and up, this hi/lo novel will strike a cord with aspiring band members. Realistic Fiction McNicol,Lois

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