Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hamilton, Janet C.S. Lewis: Twentieth Century Pilgrim

Hamilton, Janet C.S. Lewis: Twentieth Century Pilgrim
Morgan Reynolds 2010 128p 28.95
978-1-59935-112-4 jr/sr Authors- biography E-BN

This book is an excellent retelling of the life of C.S. Lewis who has left a legacy in his writing: “books that have instructed, provoked, and enchanted people for many decades and continue to reach new readers today.”
The reader will gain an understanding of the man behind the stories many of us have read and reread over the years. His activities and beliefs will become evident to readers helping them to further understand Lewis’ writings with more depth.
I have often wondered why there had not been any movies, etc of Lewis’ books. This question was answered when I read that the managers of The Lewis Estate resisted selling film rights until 2005 when Walden Media produced The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The format and text “are designed to entice with photographs as well as educate”. I would have liked to have a few more photographs of the colleges and the author himself.The inclusion of where to obtain more information, timeline, and an index make this a useful research tool. McNeil, Linda

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