Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stewart, Melissa You’ve Got Nerve!

Stewart, Melissa You’ve Got Nerve!
Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark 2010 48p 29.93
978-0-7614-4157-1 elem Nervous system E-BNes Gross and Goofy Body (MC)

Provides comprehensive information on the role the nervous system plays in the biology of humans and animals. Chatty and upbeat, “You’ve Got Nerve!” provides a memorable and appealing introduction to the study of nerves and the brain. Readers will enjoy the creative examples, descriptions, and eye-catching layout. The text is entertaining and teaches basic concepts and terminology seamlessly and painlessly.

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview to the nervous system, Stewart anticipates and answers common questions: Why do people yawn? Why are some people left-handed? She also admits that scientists do not have an answer for everything. What causes “brain freeze” when you’ve “sucked down” a frozen beverage too quickly? No one knows.

A brief index, glossary, and list of suggested readings and websites rounds out the volume. Welliver, Hilary

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