Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shelley, Mary adapted by Brigit Viney Frankenstein

Shelley, Mary adapted by Brigit Viney Frankenstein (graphic novel)
Lucent Books see Gale/Cengage 2010 144p 32.45
978-1-4205-0374-6 ms/hs VG-BN Classic Graphic Novel Collection(Cengage)

Mary Shelley created a classic horror story on a rainy night in 1816 in Switzerland. It is the story of a scientist who experiments with science to create a cloned human being.
Brigit Viney has adated Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in graphic style accompanied by Jason Cobley’s script.. The choice of wording is apropos to the story as well as the age group. Readers will enjoy the intermingling of words and graphics as they progress flows through the book.
The illustrator created crisp and ominously dynamic watercolors to accompany the text. The blended palette of dark saturated colors effectively relate the context of the wordings in the story and present the reader with a suspense filled experience.
This is a great book for young readers and non-readers. It’s distinctive and expressive watercolors will enticed the active minds of young children.
The format and layout of the book is beautifully placed for the most effective enjoyment of the readers. The additional materials at the back of the book coordinated the book with further activities. Teachers and parents will appreciate the character visuals and the introduction in the front of the book. The rear of the book provides additional information in the form of a glossary, character summary, biography of Shelley, and other materials. Graphic novel McNeil, Linda

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