Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doman, Kate (adapted by). Crash.

Doman, Kate (adapted by) Crash
Saddleback 2011 50p 5.50 978-1-61651-283-5 jr/sr E-BN The Heights (Saddleback)

A family flying in a private plane crash land in the desert during a storm. This is the story of their survival and eventual rescue. For reluctant teen readers. Rafael Silva and his 3 children are flying to a vacation in California on a private plane when they encounter a severe storm. Lightning hits the plane and the pilot, Johnny, safely lands the plane in the desert. Now they must survive until rescued. Johnny relies on his American Indian heritage and leads them into the mountains to find water and then to find edible cactus. As the boys hike with Johnny, one falls into a pit and is bitten by a snake. The other boy runs back to the plane for the first aid kit. Trapped n the plane by a pack of coyotes, they despair of being rescued without a signal fire. The plane is spotted by a search plane and they are rescued. A memorable vacation for the Silvas and a collection of memorable characters.
This volume is part of a new series called the Heights. It is designed for reluctant teen readers with exciting easy-to-read stories. The vocabulary is simple, the sentences are short, the chapters are short, the writing is sparse with minimal description. The layout uses slightly larger print than average with ample white space per page. Cover graphics are perfect, bright and will attract readers. Saddleback has successfully created high interest, low reading level stories teens will devour.
Realistic Fiction Theal, Joan

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