Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hengel, Katherine. Wings.

Hengel, Katherine Wings
Saddleback 2011 50p 5.50 978-1-61651-280-4 ms/hs
Baseball- fiction E-BN District 13 (Saddleback)

Excellent outfielder Angel is injured in a game when he wants to impress a college scout. He learns that it is impossible to recover and get another chance with the scout.
Angel is an excellent baseball player. He bats well and plays outfield, making spectacular catches. When a scout comes to watch him play, Angel and his best friend Roberto both go after a fly ball. Roberto doesn't give way and Angel falls and is injured. Angel blames Roberto for his injury and ruining both the rest of the season and his chances with the scout. Surgery is recommended but Angel worries that he will never play baseball again. He thinks his chance to get a scholarship is lost forever but the scout sends him a note wishing him a fast recovery and that he will watch for him next year. Angel does patch it up with Roberto.
This volume is part of a new series called District 13. It is designed for reluctant teen readers with exciting easy-to-read stories. The vocabulary is simple, the sentences are short, the chapters are short,and the writing is sparse with minimal description. The layout uses slightly larger print than average with ample white space per page. The cover graphics are perfect, bright and will attract readers. Saddleback has successfully created high interest, low reading level stories teens will devour.
Realistic Fiction Theal, Joan

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