Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Foster, Alan Dean. The Human Blend.

Foster, Alan Dean The Human Blend
Ballantine see Random 2010 226p 26.00
978-0-345-51197-3 ms/hs VG-BN

This is a near-future adventure thriller that is full of quirky and real characters that will keep the readers spell bound throughout the book. It is a world where prosthetic parts and implants are the name of the game. This is a story of two thugs who have been enhanced with radical surgery and implants. Whispr is very thin and walks silently. Jimminy Cricket has been altered to have fast twitch legs and jumping abilities. Their occupation is stealing. However, they get in trouble when they kill a tourist in an alley so that they can cut off his artificial hand to fence. In the process they find a golden thread on the man’s body that gets them into great trouble when they attempt to fence it.
It is a fast paced story of police chases, jails, implant changes, etc. Readers will be constantly surprised by new and unusual characters and how they live in a world that is surreal to us.
Readers who have reader other books by the author will once again have new worlds to travel and new characters to enjoy. Science fiction McNeil, Linda

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