Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Koontz, Dean. Odd Is On Our Side.

Koontz, Dean. Odd Is On Our Side.
Ballantine see Random 2010 186p 10.99
978-0-345-51560-5 ms/hs ghost - crimes - mysteries - E-BN

Odd Thomas sees dead people. Usually that means something is wrong or about to go wrong. The problem is how discover where it is going to go wrong and how can he stop it from harming anyone.
Odd Thomas lives in Pico Mundo. He is a short order cook and makes the Best Pancakes but he also sees dead people. They can’t talk to him but they have ways of communicating with him. The one ghost that visits him the most is Elvis Presley. Odd is still trying to figure that one out. His girlfriend Stormy is also odd in that although she can not see what Odd sees she understands and supports him.

Odd Thomas has accepted his fate and just tries to figure out the clues that dead people give him when things look bleak. On this particular day everyone in the town of Pico Mundo is getting ready to celebrate Halloween. On the surface all seems like it is going well and everyone should be having fun but Odd knows better. He and Stormy are trying to figure out what Elvis is trying to tell him and find where things can and will go wrong.

This graphic novel is fun and entertaining. Introduces all the characters and takes you on a crime solving, ghost hunting ride through the town of Pico Mundo. A fun read. Graphic novel Diaz, Magna

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