Monday, March 28, 2011

Hirsch, Rebecca E. Top 50 Reasons to Care About Polar Bears

Hirsch, Rebecca E. Top 50 Reasons to Care About Polar Bears:
Enslow 2010 104p 31.93 978-0-7660-3458-7
elm/ms Endangered polar bears VG-BNe Top 50 Reasons to Care About Endangered Animals

An overview and interesting facts about the largest North American endangered species. Readers are given 50 reasons to care about the species, and specific things that they can do to help.
How better to entice readers to care about polar bears than to illustrate the cover with a winsome photo of a polar bear cub. After a brief overview of polar bears, the author goes on to detail 50 reasons why readers should care about the endangered animals. While most of the “reasons” contain solid factual information about climate change, human hunting or habitat deterioration, but some are stretching the topic a little, such as “#34: Polar Bear Art is Beautiful,” or “#37: Zoos Teach People About Polar Bears.”
The photos are beautiful, and present the bears in their natural habitat, while a map displays the range of the species. The last "Reason to Care" includes specific activities that kids can do to help. Also included are a glossary, bibliographical references and an index. A very useful, and information-packed addition to animal research libraries at upper elementary and middle schools. Naismith, Pat

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