Monday, March 28, 2011

Jankowski, Susan. True wilderness Rescue Stories

Jankowski, Susan True wilderness Rescue Stories
Enslow 2010 48p 21.26 978-0-7660-3666-6
elm/ms VG-BN True Rescue Stories (Enslow)

Five thrilling short stories of wilderness rescues. Additional information for safe survival in similar situations is included. This text includes five stories of wilderness rescue. A story about firefighters battling a forest fire concludes with hints from Smokey the Bear, and how the decisions were reviewed after this fire. The second story is about the rescue of a logger in the Pacific Northwest. It is supplemented by the dangers of logging. Story three is about snowmobilers saved by sending a text message. Snowmobile safety supplements the story. A dog helps save mountain climbers in the next story. Search and rescue dog information is included. The last story is about a hiker on the Appalachian Trail who becomes ill in an area so rough that a mule was used as back up to rescue by ATVs. Information about rescue vehicles is given.
There is a glossary, an impressive list of sources for further information and a fairly extensive index.
This volume will attract reluctant readers, both boys and girls. Designed for elementary schools, it will appeal into middle school for struggling readers. Theal, Joan

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