Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kinney, Jeff The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

Kinney, Jeff The Ugly Truth (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Amulet see Abrams, Harry 2010 218p 13.95
978-0-8109-8491-2 elm/ms diaries - Friendships - family life E-BN

Greg has had a falling out with his exbest friend Rowley and school is about to begin. How is he ever going to get his friendship with Rowley back on track. Greg is also trying to figure out how growing up will change him especially when you don’t want to change yet.
Even though Greg has been waiting forever to grow up, now that he is almost grown he is not so sure that he wants to get there. It seems that growing up entails doing things he is not ready to do. With Rowely his best friend mad at him and his mom getting an outside job, Greg is beginning to feel overwhelm. The responsibility seems to have all of a sudden piled up on him. His dad does not want to wake him up in the morning, his chores around the house have multiplied and his parents have become more demanding. School is no better it seems that growing is a big event at school. The teachers keep talking about adolescence and puberty. They show films, give talks and even have classes on how to be a parents where everyone gets an egg and has to make believe it is a real baby.

A very hilarious look at Greg’s life as he grows into a young adult, deals with his friendships, girls, brothers and his parents. Like all the other books this is done nicely illustrated. Kids will enjoy this new episode in Greg Heffley’s life. Realistic Fiction Diaz, Magna

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