Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Myracle, Lauren. Violet in Bloom (A Flower Power Book)

Myracle, Lauren Violet in Bloom (A Flower Power Book)
Amulet see Abrams, Harry 2010 366p 15.95
978-0-8109-8983-2 elm/ms Best friends -- Fiction. VG

“ Fifth-graders Katie-Rose, Violet, Milla, and Yasaman seem to have little in common except their flower-related names, but they nurture their new friendship through a social-networking site and a campaign to have healthier snacks served at school.” This review is based on reading an uncorrected free proof. In this second installment of the “Flower Power” series, the girls from “Luv Ya Bunches” are back to continue to entertain upper level elementary and middle school girls. The four fifth grade girls, Katie-Rose, Violet, Milla, and Yasaman develop their friendship through a social-networking site, “” In this title, Yasaman seeks to plan a snack attack to replace Rivendell Elementary’s morning offerings with more healthier snacks. With the help of her three friends, the girls meet for chat groups online and write personal blog entries and these help plan their mission. Even though the four girls focus on their mission to change cafeteria offerings, they each have their own issues. The author does a nice job of developing each character separately. Readers will learn that not only is Violet’s mom in the hospital, but she also thinks her new friend Cyril is maintaining a journal and that he is writing about her private life. Katie-Rose worries that classmate Natalia is stealing her friends and trying to come between her and Yasaman. Milla can’t stop thinking about an accident that happened before school started with her crush Max’s hamster.

While the book contains many pages, each character’s story is well developed and the injection of blog posts and instant messages will help draw readers into the story. The author’s format will appeal nicely to upper elementary and middle school girls. Realistic Fiction Forba-Mayer,Charleen

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