Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Williams, Maiya. The Fizzy Whiz Kid

Williams, Maiya The Fizzy Whiz Kid
Amulet see Abrams, Harry 2010 273p 16.95
978-0-8109-8347-2 elm/ms Fame-Fiction VG

This amusing novel describes the transformation of Mitchell Mathis from outcast to Hollywood superstar.
Mitchell Mathis has just arrived in Los Angeles and is about to enter the Cecil B. DeMille Elementary School. Only child of academic parents, Mitch has never seen a movie nor watched any television. Thrown into a classroom filled with the offspring of the Hollywood elite, Mitch stands out like a sore thumb especially after his etymologist father shows up at parents’ day as Roach Man. Mortified, he is determined to change his life and enters an open casting call for a soda ad. Naturally, he is chosen to be the Fizzy Whiz Kid and his life has become golden. Of course, his sudden fame comes with the requisite problems and Mitch has to decide what is really important in his life.
Witty and amusing, this book will hold the interest of its readers. The Hollywood scene as experienced by an outsider is cleverly done and, while the plot is lightweight and the secondary characters fairly unrealistic, the book hits the mark perfectly when it describes the angst of changing schools mid-semester and the emotions felt by Mitch and his friends. It goes on to prove the old adage that you should be careful of what you wish for… you might get it.
Realistic Fiction Ogintz, Susan

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